February 10, 2016

Madison school board delays contract discussion

The Madison School Board is holding off on a decision about reopening contract talks with teachers.

Madison Teachers, Incorporated wants the district to negotiate a new contract, following a court ruling last week that overturned portions of a law that limits collective bargaining for public employees. During a meeting Monday, the School Board agreed not to address the issue just yet.

For now, board member Arlene Silveria says they will proceed with plans to create an employee handbook that outlines workers’ rights. Silveria says it would be to the benefit of the district and staff to have a handbook process in place and ready to go, in the event the ruling in Dane County Circuit Court is eventually overturned.

AUDIO: Arlene Silveria (:12)

Madison teachers union president Kerry Motoviloff says the board is playing it safe, although the union is keeping its options open on new negotiations for the contract that expires next June. Talks on the next contract would typically start in February, although the head of MTI has called for them to start right away.

Robin Colbert, WIBA

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