February 6, 2016

Marijuana grows call for caution

Wondering what to do, if you stumble on a backwoods drug grow? Brian Knepper is Homeland Security Coordinator with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s Bureau of Law Enforcement. While marijuana plots have been a growing trend on state and federal forest lands, Knepper said there’s no reason to stop enjoying the outdoors. “I wouldn’t cancel any of your plans,” he said. “Just be aware that this is something that might be out there.”

Knepper said hunters and hikers who come upon drug operations need to keep themselves safe – and call law enforcement. And, he doubts we’ve seen the last of these backwoods operations. Wisconsin follows the trends seen in western states such as California. “We watch that very closely, and try to anticipate anything that might be new to this area,” said Knepper. “There’s really no way of knowing if we’ve peaked.”

Seven people were arrested and an estimated $15 million worth of marijuana plants were seized in Oconto County last month, in the state’s latest drug growing bust.

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