February 10, 2016

Men accused of using pit bull to interrogate teen

A court appearance is scheduled today for two men accused of letting a pit bull attack an 18-year-old man in Fond du Lac County. Charges have not yet been filed against the two men, one of whom is the victim’s father.

The incident occurred six days ago in the town of Osceola. Police says the 58-year-old homeowner accused the teen of theft and ordered his pit bull to attack as a “means of interrogation.” After some questioning, the homeowner then allegedly hung the 18-year-old by his ankles from his porch rafters, then ordered the dog to attack again. During that time, police say the victim’s 43-year-old father was also watching.

The teen was treated for multiple dog bites on his body.

Deputies have asked prosecutors to charge both men with false imprisonment, aggravated battery, and negligent handling of a dangerous weapon. The father could be charged with failing to aid a victim. The homeowner could also be charged with bail jumping, for an unrelated incident earlier this year in which a dog was allowed to attack a woman.

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