February 11, 2016

Packers 10th in Forbes franchise worth

The Dallas Cowboys became the first American Sports franchise worth more than $2 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.

The Cowboys are the NFL‘s most valuable team for the sixth consecutive year.  The franchise saw its overall worth increase 14% to $2.1 billion, which is about $1 billion higher than the average NFL team value.

The New England Patriots ranked No. 2 in the NFL at $1.64 billion, followed by the Redskins ($1.6 billion), the New York Giants ($1.47 billion) and the Houston Texans ($1.31 billion).

The Green Bay Packers are 10th among the 32 NFL teams in franchise worth.  According to Forbes, the Packers are worth $1.16 billion.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at the bottom of the list, ranking 32nd among NFL teams at $770 million.

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