February 10, 2016

Walker believes Act 10 appeal will succeed

The governor remains confident his law that restricts collective bargaining for most public employees will be upheld, and argues a judge should stay his ruling against the measure while the state appeals.

Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas on Friday ruled portions of the law that apply to municipal workers and teachers are unconstitutional, raising questions about whether local governments and school boards can be forced back to the bargaining table to negotiate new contracts. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on Tuesday filed a motion with the judge asking him to stay the decision while he appeals, a move he argues is necessary to prevent chaos at the local level.

Speaking in De Pere Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker said his hope is this stay will be granted because, if not, “it would cause some real uncertainty and unrest” among local units of government.

Walker says the ruling is of great concern to local leaders who may be forced to go back to the way things were before Act 10 was passed, based on a decision that may only be in effect for the short term.

The governor believes the state will succeed in appealing the judge’s ruling and the collective bargaining reforms will be upheld as constitutional. If the judge refuses to put a hold on his decision while the appeal is going on, Walker is also optimistic a higher court will step in and take action.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:06)

WTAQ radio contributed to this report.

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