February 10, 2016

Walker: More Romney-Ryan ads on horizon

Now that the dust has settled from Wisconsin’s back-to-back elections, expect more Romney-Ryan ads on the airwaves. That’s what Governor Scott Walker was told by RNC officials at the Republican convention. In referencing the spring recall campaign, post-recall fatigue, and U.S. Senate primary race, Walker told reporters, “It would be kind of clouded to compete with those ads.”

With the exception of the Democratic strongholds of Madison and parts of Milwaukee, the governor believes the GOP Presidential campaign will be targeting those areas “up for grabs,” the counties Walker won in the 2010 election and 2012 recall challenge.

In the June recall, Walker carried 60 of the state’s 72 counties, up one from 59 in his 2010 race.

Gov. Walker also said Paul Ryan can help Mitt Romney court the independent vote as evidenced by the Congressman’s multiple victories in a district encompassing blue-collar, union-strong cities like Janesville, Kenosha and Racine.

Democrats will be discussing their strategy to re-elect President Obama as they gather this week in Charlotte, North Carolina for their national convention.

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