February 5, 2016

Wisconsin has a brand new brand

Wisconsin has a new branding campaign designed to attract and support business. Billed as “In Wisconsin,” the campaign will be targeted, according to Wisconsin Economic Development Authority CEO, Paul Jadin. “Paid advertisement will begin next week in a wide array of business-focused media in Wisconsin and in neighboring states, particularly Minnesota and Illinois,” said Jadin.

Governor Scott Walker said the campaign’s aim is not only to attract new business, but show support for existing firms in the state. “It’s more than just statistics,” said Walker. “It tells the stories of innovators, of leaders . . . who not only choose to be here, but who choose to continue to grow in Wisconsin. We think that’s a great story.”

Five Wisconsin firms – Trek Bicycle, Schneider National, Rockwell Automation, Organic Valley dairy cooperative and alternative fuels company Virent – are featured in the ad campaign. “We’re excited about the campaign, we’re excited about the brand, we’re excited to be able to tell our story, not just around the world, but particularly to our employers here, to remind them of the good things that are happening right in their own state, and to tell others about that in the future,” said Walker.

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