February 12, 2016

Appleton council overrides mayor’s veto

For the first time since taking office, Appleton Mayor Tim Hannah vetoed a move by the city council – and council members promptly voted to override the veto. The council needed a two-thirds majority, and members voted 11-to-5, on an issue over workers compensation claims. Wednesday’s night’s override means that under the city’s fringe benefits policy, city employees will be able to be reimbursed for the first three days of their claim.

Alderman Jim Clemons said if workers are losing money, they might return to work too soon, and they could suffer a more serious injury.

Hanna said the benefit goes beyond what state law allows, so employees will have to pay taxes on their claim. He noted that the vast majority of private sector workers don’t receive that benefit. Hanna said beyond vacation, the city offers workers six days of paid-time off, and they can carry over up to three days per year, to compensate for an unexpected claim.


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