February 6, 2016

Capitol Police officer fired

The state Department of Administration says a Capitol Police officer has been put on leave, following the accidental discharge of a firearm at the Executive Residence in Maple Bluff.

A spokeswoman for DOA says the incident occurred around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday night. Police responded to a call that a shot had been fired at the residence and discovered that an officer had accidentally fired their weapon in a security office.

Governor Walker, the First Lady, and their family were not at the residence at the time. There were no reported injuries.

DOA says the officer is currently suspended with pay until the investigation is complete.

UPDATE: The Department of Administration says an investigation of the incident has been completed and it was determined the weapon was accidentally discharged. A spokeswoman says the officer was a newer employee who was still serving their initial probationary period and has been terminated.

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