February 7, 2016

DNR identifies private land open for public use

A new state website will help users find private land that’s supposed to be open to the public.

More than one million acres of private land in the state is enrolled in a landowner-incentive program that allows the public to access the property. In exchange for taking part, property owners get reduced taxes.

However, concerns have been raised recently about difficulty in gaining access to some of those properties. State Forester Paul DeLong says a web-based application from the Department of Natural Resources should help to clear up some of that confusion. The site allows the public to search for parcels of land throughout the state, along with contact information for the land owner so they can inquire about hunting, hiking, or other activities on the property.

While the permission of the property owner is not required, it is encouraged. DeLong says the public should report any problems accessing land to the DNR so the agency can investigate.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:12)

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