February 10, 2016

Fire danger remains high

Fire danger remains high across much of Wisconsin, due to the severe and ongoing drought. “Drought is a long-term process,” said Katherine Keuhle, a wildfire prevention specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. “It will take a long time for us to get back to normal conditions.” And spotty rain in the forecast for this week is not going to provide much help.

The DNR has pulled burning permits in the counties where they’re regulating burning. That means that all outdoor burning in burn barrels or piles has been suspended until further notice. “Campfires for warming or cooking purposes are permitted, but they’re really not encouraged right now,” said Keuhle. She also said that homeowners who heat with wood need to exercise extra caution when disposing of ashes.

The fire danger is very high in central and western Wisconsin, and high in most of the rest of the state.

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