February 7, 2016

Obama v Romney in WI “too close to call”

The latest Quinnipiac University, CBS News, and the New York Times poll released today shows Democratic President Obama is still ahead of Republican Mitt Romney in Wisconsin, but his lead is getting tighter — from six points to just three, but the president’s 50-to-47 edge is just outside of the poll’s margin of error.

Among independent voters, Romney has a slight two-point edge in the Badger State. A 15-point gender gap marks the presidential race in Wisconsin as women back the president 53 – 43 percent, while men back Romney 51 – 46 percent.

Also, almost two-thirds of the 1300-plus likely voters in the Quinnipiac poll say Romney won his debate with Obama last week. And 49 percent believe that Janesville’s Paul Ryan will win his vice-presidential debate tonight, while 32 percent believe incumbent Joe Biden will win.

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