February 6, 2016

Rings cremated with body

A family gets closure in what they believed was theft from the body of their dead mother. Jean Stradal passed away on October 11th at a Manitowoc hospital while wearing six rings, which later went missing. Stradel’s daughter became concerned that the rings had been stolen between the time her mother’s body was sent from the hospital to the funeral home. Police discovered the coroner’s photo showed the rings were on the deceased woman’s hand and were accidentally cremated with her body.

“We are very disappointed that this was made public before the investigation was complete, and all the facts were disclosed,” said Mary Maurer, Vice President of the hospital, Holy Family Memorial. “However, the outcome is that there was an unfortunate error made at the funeral home, and that has cleared up this very sad situation.”

A crematory official confirmed the rings were cremated and said staffers missed seeing them. Police said no charges will be filed because the incident was accidental.

Brian Norton, WOMT

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