February 13, 2016

Ryan talks taxes and debt at townhall

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan talks about U.S. debt while throwing barbs at President Obama, during a town hall in the GOP stronghold of Waukesha this morning.

Governor Scott Walker introduced the Janesville native, comparing the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign with the last night’s Packers victory, a “comeback” from the previous week’s defeat. “We’ve had over the last four years, deficit after deficit after deficit budgets; We need a comeback,” said Walker.

Ryan’s talk was heavy on the debt saying beginning in 1970, $283 billion or six percent of U.S. debt was owned by foreign countries. This has grown to $16 trillion or 48 percent of total debt being held by foreigners. He called this a threat to U.S. independence and sovereignty.

The Janesville Congressman admitted that when Obama was elected in 2010, the president faced a tough financial situation. But he claimed the president has made it worse while failing to lead. “He (Obama) didn’t offer a solution,” said Ryan, the House budget chairman. “He waited for others like ourselves to offer ours and then he attacks.” 

Ryan said Mitt Romney’s plan is to cut taxes across the board while closing loopholes for the top earners.

AUDIO: Ryan juxtaposes Obama tax plan with Romney’s (1:45)

The Democrats are sending U.S. Senator Dick Durbin around Southeast Wisconsin today to campaign for Obama.

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