February 13, 2016

VP debate has sparks followed by buzz

The vice presidential debate last night showed fiery exchanges between incumbent Joe Biden and Republican challenger Paul Ryan. Biden did quite a bit of interjections and smiling simultaneous with Congressman Ryan’s comments.

Marquette University Political Scientist John McAdams says although Biden’s attitude may have energized the Democratic base he’s unsure how so-called swing voters will react. He adds the smiling and statements from both men will see a new life in the news cycle. “Sometime in these debates, it’s the buzz following the debate that is more important than what is actually said.”

These debates also have repercussions beyond voters hearing about the issues. McAdams cites Mitt Romney’s strong debate performance against President Obama last week having “really energized the Republican base and emboldened potential Republican contributors.”

Biden is in La Crosse today. Ryan is visiting Milwaukee Sunday for a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson who faces Tammy Baldwin. The Janesville native will then campaign for his Romney/Ryan ticket in Waukesha Monday.


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