February 7, 2016

Walker not surprised Obama stops in Madison

The governor weighs in on Obama’s campaign stop in Wisconsin.

Critics and voters alike say President Barack Obama didn’t bring his A-game to the nationally televised presidential debates in Denver Wednesday night. Governor Scott Walker agrees.

The Republican governor says it makes sense that Obama would “choose to recover from a bad debate” with Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Madison. “I think it’s clear Madison may be the only place in America where it’s liberal enough that people thought he won last night.”

Walker says swing voters in Wisconsin watching Wednesday night’s debate clearly saw that Mitt Romney is the better choice to get America working again. “A lot of swing voters saw that Mitt Romney certainly has command of the issues.”

A spokesman for Romney’s campaign says by choosing UW-Madison for his event, the president is revealing his concern over the lack of enthusiasm young Americans in Wisconsin have for his 2012 campaign. This is the president’s second visit to the state in two weeks. The Romney camp says that highlights Obama’s growing anxiety over Wisconsin’s electoral votes.

UW-Madison police say over 30,000 people saw the president speak, about 6,000 more were turned away due to lack of capacity.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:34

Thanks to Dan Lea, WAYY

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