February 14, 2016

Walker says Wisconsin remains competitive

Recent polls have shown President Barack Obama with as much as a double-digit lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney among likely Wisconsin voters. Despite that, Governor Scott Walker says it’s clear the president’s campaign believes Wisconsin needs some heavy attention and the state is still very much in play for Republicans this November.

Walker notes that President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and the First Lady have all visited the state multiple times in the past few months. He says they would not be doing that unless their internal polls were showing the race in the Badger State is still competitive.

Walker expects Romney’s recent debate performance to help build support for the GOP nominee. While it may be a week or two until the full impact is seen, he says the strong leadership shown by Romney will convince independent swing voters that he’s the right candidate.

The governor says he will continue campaigning for Romney and running mate Paul Ryan through November. He also plans to give state candidates a hand, as Republicans work to hold on to control of the Assembly and reclaim a majority in the Senate.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:03)

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