February 7, 2016

Wisconsin unemployment rate falls to 7.3 percent

Wisconsin added an estimated 1,400 jobs last month, as the state’s unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent. That’s down from 7.5 percent in August.

Preliminary data released Thursday by state officials shows that 1,500 new private-sector jobs were created statewide in September, while governments throughout the state chopped about 100 jobs from their payrolls.

The numbers are based on a quick federal survey of 3.5 percent of employers, and are subject to heavy revisions.

State officials also revised the number of private sector jobs added in August by 3,100, for a total of 7,400 jobs created. The government workforce was revised upward by about 100 jobs, for a total of 3,600 public jobs added in August.

Wisconsin’s current jobless rate is about a half point lower than the national rate of 7.8 percent. All figures are adjusted for seasonal factors.

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