February 6, 2016

‘Abortion plane’ overflies Wisconsin cities

Wisconsin is receiving plenty of attention from the presidential campaigns, but a west coast anti-abortion group is interjecting its agenda into the mix. A 50-by-100 foot banner depicting 10 week-old dead fetuses is being flown over Racine by plane, because the California-based Center For Bio-Ethical Reform contends the abortion issue is not getting enough attention in the presidential election.

A statement from the group says “parents of young children may complain about these images, BUT the news media routinely publishes and broadcasts disturbing news imagery from which few children can be totally shielded.”

The CBR release goes on say they are “publicly displaying abortion imagery because News organizations suppress such photos and video, which we reject as a double standard.” Similar efforts are taking place in Waukesha, Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh.

Tom Karkow, WRJN

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