February 9, 2016

Bill Clinton rallies for Obama

Former President Bill Clinton held an evening rally in support of President Barack Obama at the Ramada Convention Center in downtown Eau Claire Wednesday. Clinton gave a 20 minute speech to those who couldn’t make it inside due to full capacity. Once inside, the former president laid out the next four years of Obama’s economic policy.

“We have to modernize this economy, speed up job growth, we have to create more jobs that pay above the national average, and we got to train and educate people to do them. So invest in modernizing infrastructure, invest in modern manufacturing, invest in small business entrepreneurs, invest in clean energy, and invest in the education and training needed to do so.”

Clinton says Governor Mitt Romney’s target of 12-million jobs in one term has already been forecasted.

“Before he made that 12-million jobs promise to you, a very distinguished independent business forecaster, Moody’s Analytics, said that we are going to get 12 million jobs in the next four years if we just don’t mess up in this form.”

The Chippewa Valley saw a full day of high profile politicians, Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan held a rally at the Florian Gardens in the early hours, and Governor Walker joined U.S. Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson for a tour of VES Environmental Solutions in Chippewa Falls.

AUDIO:  Mike Ness-WAYY reports (2:09)

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