February 6, 2016

Black Friday to start early

Black Friday starts early this year.

And one expert thinks that trend will continue. Madison College Business and Marketing instructor Betty Hurd says 3/4 of people are using cash or debit cards, which means when the money’s gone, it’s gone. As a result, retailers are offering more deals at earlier hours. “There’s only so much money to go around … if they can capture the customer first, they’ll be able to collect the sales and stay in business.”

Some people argue early sales are cutting into precious family time on Thanksgiving. However, Hurd says some would argue that shopping together does provide good family togetherness.

A goal of extending sale prices through the weekend is two-fold; retailers want more sales, while some consumers who shy away from the crowds can shop for good deals during the off hours. “I think we’ll see a few more incentives on that Saturday and Sunday, which typically aren’t nearly as busy.”

Hurd says shopping on Black Friday requires a good strategy — planning a schedule for travel, shopping, and eating. She says it’s like a fun, family game for some folks. Many people — 75 percent — have already started their holiday shopping — well before Thanksgiving. Still, many shoppers wait until the last minute, shopping in the last week before Christmas. Meanwhile, some businesses are planning on opening as early as 8pm on what we might call Thrifty Thursday.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson 1:56

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