February 12, 2016

Gudex ready to start in Senate

State Senator-elect Rick Gudex says he’s looking forward to serving the 18th District while strengthening his regional connections in the legislature. He’s already submitted his resignation as Fond du Lac City Council President and will chair his last meeting December 12.

Gudex will be working with another former Fond du Lac City Council member in the legislature, Jeremy Thiesfeldt who represents the 52nd State Assembly District. He says they worked well together on the city council and share some of the same philosophies. He says he’s also gotten to know 53rd State Assemblyman Michael Schraa on the campaign trail. The Republican Gudex says he’s looking forward to getting to know Democrat Gordon Hintz who represents the 54th Assembly District.

Gudex tells reporters he’s met with the Senate’s Republican Party caucus and is hoping for committee assignments that will take advantage of his experience in economic development, manufacturing and small business. Gudex say he believes the three things he campaigned on: business, jobs and the economy were on the mark.

Gudex won his seat in the November 6 election beating Democratic incumbent Jessica King.

Bob Nelson-KFIZ contributed to this report

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