February 10, 2016

Hunter killed in Douglas County

A second deer hunter has been shot-to-death during Wisconsin’s nine-day gun season. Douglas County sheriff’s deputies say a man was accidentally shot by his hunting partner late Monday afternoon near Superior. Rescuers had to cut brush, so an all-terrain vehicle could reach the victim.

Authorities have identified the victim as 27-year-old Garrett Carr of Oliver. Sheriff’s deputies say Carr’s 31-year-old hunting companion mistook him for a deer late Monday, even though the victim was wearing blaze orange at the time.

Officials say the shooter was from Superior, but have not identified the person. The Department of Natural Resources is investigating, along with the sheriff’s office and medical examiner.

The death is the second gun-related fatality of this year’s hunt. 22-year-old Thomas Stamborski was shot to death while hunting at Fort McCoy on the season’s opening day last Saturday. He was the state’s first deer hunter shot-to-death since 2009. Military officials are investigating in that incident.

At least five hunters have died during the gun season which began last Saturday and runs through Sunday. Two of those hunters, including the victim from Superior, were shot to death.

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