February 13, 2016

Hunting discount pays off

A change in state law intended to lure new or retired hunters back into the sport appears to have done the trick this year.

The DNR says nearly 29,000 hunters took advantage of a program that allowed them to buy a $5 hunting license this year if it was their first time or if they have not bought one in over ten years. Licenses for the nine day gun deer hunting season typically cost $24.

Representative Jim Steineke (R-Vandenbroek) pushed for the incentive as a way to attract new people to the sport. He says businesses will reap the benefits from having more people visiting local stores, eating in restaurants, and purchasing supplies to take part in Wisconsin’s hunting seasons.

AUDIO: Rep. Jim Steineke (:16)

This was the first hunting season that the law was in place and Steineke says it far exceeded his expectations. He remains hopeful it will continue to attract new interest to hunting in the years to come.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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