February 11, 2016

Jennings starting rehab and is “pain-free”


Greg Jennings (pictured right) looks to return as soon as he can to the field.

Green Bay Packer‘s wide receiver Greg Jennings is back from the East coast and back rehabbing his abdominal injury sustained in week one against the San Francisco 49ers.

On November 1, the wide receiver Tweeted a picture of him post-surgery, letting all of Packer Nation know things went well.

Jennings mentioned that he feels “pain-free” and that it has been the first time he has been “pain-free” since the initial injury in week one.  He also added that it would be at least three weeks before he can start running and cutting at full speed.

Now he has gone through the surgery and discussed with his doctors and Packers training staff, there is no definitive time-table for his return and he is “taking it day by day.”

AUDIO: Jennings on his time-table for a return :10

Jennings, a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, only a two and a half hour drive from the Detroit Lions home field, says missing next week’s game in Detroit won’t bother him more than any regular game.

AUDIO: Jennings on missing away Detroit game :13

The wide receiver has developed what he calls “an itch” after being able to workout and wants “to go free and see what happens.”

AUDIO: Jennings on his “itch” :17

Jennings is thankful to everyone including the Packers for giving him a shot and not putting him on injured reserve.

AUDIO: Jennings will get back out there :13

With five NFC North divisional games in the next seven weeks, the return of Greg Jennings would be a big boost for the Packers offense.

In the meantime, Jennings will continue to rehab and watch his team as they battle the Detroit Lions this Sunday in Detroit.

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