February 12, 2016

Mercury Marine adds jobs

Mercury Marine plans to hire approximately 170 employees in November to work at its facilities in Fond du Lac. The vast majority of the available positions are in manufacturing areas as the company ramps up production in 2013 to maintain pace with demand for its most popular engines.

“Mercury Marine continues to see unprecedented demand in many of its most popular outboards, such as the new 150hp FourStroke,” said Denise Devereaux, vice president of human resources at Mercury Marine. “In order to meet that demand, Mercury is focused on attracting and hiring quality employees by offering a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as a variety of work shifts.”

Depending on the position, applicants who are offered a job can earn a starting wage of up to $14.90 per hour. Many positions also offer a competitive benefits package that begins within 60 days of employment. Understanding the need for flexible work schedules, Mercury offers a variety of shifts, including full-time regular, weekend-only and supplemental work shifts.

The weekend-only shift offers 40 hours of pay for just 36 hours of work and is perfect for college students who take weekday classes or for parents who would like to spend weekdays at home with their children and still maintain a career.

Mercury Marine has hired approximately 1,100 employees since September 2009, when the company began consolidating its Stillwater, Oklahoma, operations to Fond du Lac.


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