February 6, 2016

UW reveals flex programs

UW campuses unveil their first flexible degree programs. First announced in June, UW System President Kevin Reilly told reporters this morning, this marks “the first public university system in the nation to develop a 100 percent competency based program.”

The learn-at-your-own-pace pipeline allows those with career experience to demonstrate competencies in their respective fields and test out of certain courses. This won’t necessarily mean a written exam, as cited by UW-Milwaukee Associate Dean of Nursing Barbara Daley. Daley said as RN’s pursue bachelors’ or masters’ degrees, skills assessments may take place in a clinical facility or a lab simulation.

In addition to the flexible nursing programs, UWM will also offer four year degrees in Diagnostic Imaging and Information Science and Technology, while UW colleges will offer flex courses toward an Associate’s Degree.

The flex options will be highly welcomed for working adults looking to enhance their education said Student Regent Tracy Hribar, who went back to school after time in the career field.

Reilly also thanked Governor Walker for support in the endeavor. He added UW faculty will have just as rigorous standards for online students in the flex program as those in traditional classrooms.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:12)

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