February 6, 2016

Walker critical of same day voter registration

The governor is showing support for doing away with same-day voter registration laws.

During a speech last week in California, Governor Scott Walker made the argument that doing away with same-day voter registration could make the polls less hectic on Election Day. Walker told the crowd that state’s across the country that have same-day registration have real problems because they often need to have people work longer hours to handle the last minute influx of voters who want to register before the polls close. The governor said “It would be much better if registration was done in advance of Election Day.”

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:22)

Wisconsin is one of nine states that allow people to register at their polling place when they go to vote. Supporters of the law have often argued it’s one of the main reasons why voter turn-out is often so high in the Badger State.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate called the idea of requiring registration in advance of Election Day the next phase of the governor’s “dangerous legislative agenda.” Tate says Republicans have erected road blocks to impede voter access because they know a large turn-out leads to Democratic victories.

No legislation has been introduced yet that would do-away with same-day registration, although incoming Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has supported past efforts to get rid of it at state polling places.

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