February 8, 2016

Walker calls Marquette poll an outlier (AUDIO)

Governor Scott Walker made the GOP campaign case in Green Bay on Thursday. Walker spoke with reporters during a visit with Republican volunteers, on the same day President Barack Obama made a campaign stop at the Green Bay airport. “This president has failed. He’s failed to live up to the expectations of improving the economy. He’s failed to work across party lines to get things done,” said Walker. “Mitt Romney has got a plan to get America working again, to create 12 million news jobs, and he’s got a proven track record as governor of Massachusetts.”

AUDIO: Walker Q&A (1o:30)

The latest Marquette Law School Poll shows President Obama leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romey in Wisconsin. “It varies on the poll. Rasmussen has it 49-49,” said Walker. “Marquette seems to be an outlier compared to the other polls out there.”

Walker urged Romney to make more stops in Wisconsin in the final days heading into the elections. “I’d like to have him come back at least once more,” Walker said. “I think the fact that you see the president having at least two mors trips to the state shows that, per the question about polling, their internal polling show what I suggested, which is that it’s a dead heat.”

“If the president’s running on “real change,” the reality is that after four years of Barack Obama, that’s all we’ve got left in our pocket is change,” Walker said. He was responding to a reporter’s question regarding Romney’s recent use of “change” in his campaign. Walker’s response to the question drew laughter and sustained applause from the GOP volunteers.

 Audio courtesy WTAQ

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