February 6, 2016

Women voters send message

Wisconsin women voters send a strong message at the ballot box Tuesday.

The AP reports that women accounted for 57 percent of President Obama’s Wisconsin votes and 56 percent of votes for Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin. NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin executive director Jenni Dye explains Baldwin is more than just a pro-choice candidate, she’s a pro-choice advocate.

Over all, Dye says the wins aren’t so much a step forward; instead, advocates are making strides against GOP efforts to turn the clock backward. “Candidates who just want to turn the clock back on women’s rights and really make it more difficult for women to access health care, make it more difficult for women to access equal pay, make it more difficult it so many ways.”

Dye says this election cycle shows a backlash against the extreme agenda of the Republican Party.

NARAL is calling on Governor Scott Walker to move forward on women’s issues in Wisconsin. “While we are certainly thrilled with the election of President Obama and the election of Senator Tammy Baldwin … we did see the state senate going back into Republican anti-choice hands.”

They are calling on Walker to stop delaying and immediately move forward with the health insurance exchanges required by ObamaCare.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:39

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