February 10, 2016

A big night for the bars

It will be a big night for the bar business this New Year’s Eve, with people saying farewell to 2012 and ringing in 2013. Many people are very responsible about not drinking too much and then driving, according to Wisconsin Tavern League President Terry Harvath. “Over the years, with the laws changing, I think you’re seeing the new generation come through,” said Harvath “With the education we’re providing and the free rides, I think people are using the right choice.”

Harvath owns and operates the Wishing Well Bar and Grill in Appleton, and will have a mock New Year’s celebration at 6:00 p.m., complete with hats and horns and champagne, for those who don’t want to stay out late. A lot of bars in the state will still remain open all night, but Harvath said their numbers are declining.

Despite changing practices and increased awareness, the New Year’s holiday remains one of the deadliest times on roadways, with deaths from traffic crashes almost triple what they are on an average day. Law enforcement agencies around Wisconsin will be stepping up efforts to stop drunk drivers, with extra officers out on the roads.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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