February 14, 2016

Beloit man arrested for trying to break into school

The Beloit School District says it’s best to leave school safety procedures up to the professionals. The reminder comes after police say a man tried to force his way through a locked side door at Converse Elementary School on Tuesday.

Police arrested 58-year-old Dwight Miller on trespassing charges. Miller, who was reportedly wearing camouflage, claimed he was just trying to “test school security.”

The incident occurred while students were in the building. A teacher cleared the hallway near a kindergarten classroom and reported Miller to school’s main office.

Beloit School District Safety and Security Coordinator Dan Stauffacher says contacting the school directly would have been a better approach for Miller, or for any parents who have questions about school safety. Stauffacher says their schools are among the safest places a child could ever be, due to the extensive security measures that are in place.

Jon Meerdink, WCLO

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