February 8, 2016

‘Booze and belts’ effort underway

An annual statewide effort to prevent holiday traffic tragedies is underway in Wisconsin. The Booze and Belts Campaign involves more than 250 law enforcement agencies across the state involved in the effort. “We certainly see a lot of holiday parties, and sometimes there’s not as much forethought that goes into that,” said George Silverwood with the state DOT. “The other thing is, we’ve just seen too many ejection from vehicles, and deaths in recent months.”

The Booze and Belts Campaign runs through December16th. “Obviously we do this year round, but just to put a special emphasis on this from a public education standpoint and from an enforcement standpoint as well,” said Silverwood, who noted that December can be a dangerous month on state roads. “Last year there were 52 deaths and more than 3500 injuries.”

John Colbert, WIBA


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