February 11, 2016

Concealed carry permit holder thwarts assault

Concealed carry paid off in a road rage incident this week. According to Wausau police, An Appleton man was traveling on eastbound Highway 29 heading into Wausau on Tuesday afternoon, when a vehicle he passed accelerated and rammed his vehicle from behind. The driver contacted 911, and the dispatcher advised him to meet the officer at a Menard’s parking lot.

The man was followed by his attackers, who got out and attempted to beat him and use their keys as a weapon to injure him. That’s when the man pulled his gun, and the attackers backed off.  Police said when the officer arrived, the man with the gun was completely cooperative, and will not be charged with a crime. Two Michigan residents, 30-year-old Nicholas Flanigan and 26-year-old Jessica Ratliff, face charges including battery and disorderly conduct. Police don’t know what triggered the road rage incident.

Larry Lee, WSAU

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