February 6, 2016

Former Walker associate gets two years in prison

A former appointee when Governor Scott Walker was the Milwaukee County executive will spend two years in prison for embezzling over $51,000 in donations that were meant to help veterans. A judge also ordered 62-year-old Kevin Kavanaugh of Cudahy to spend two years under extended supervision after his release.

A jury found Kavanaugh guilty of skimming money through his former role as a treasurer of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Much of that money was taken from a Milwaukee County Zoo event to benefit veterans.

The judge said prison time was necessary to deter others who think about stealing from charities. The judge also said Kavanaugh showed a lack of remorse.

Kavanaugh and four other Walker associates have been convicted of embezzlement and illegal campaign activities, which were uncovered by a John Doe investigation launched by Milwaukee County prosecutors. Governor Walker has not been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with the probe.

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