February 9, 2016

Governor calls debate over same-day registration ridiculous

Governor Scott Walker says he’s not pursuing the elimination of same-day registration, however as he made those comments, Republican lawmakers were drafting legislation to put an end to allowing voters to register at the polls on Election Day.

“It is a ridiculous issue. My priorities are about jobs — creating jobs,” he says, “It’s not a part of my legislative priorities.” Walker had earlier said he would sign a bill that got to his desk.

Supporters of the practice say it encourages voter participation. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi on Wednesday afternoon said lawmakers should listen to opinions of the voting public before taking up a bill. Walker stresses his focus is on jobs.

Also, Walker dismisses an Arizona-style immigration bill for Wisconsin. “I think that would be a huge distraction for us in the state.” He says it does not fall into his list of priorities. “I would certainly hope that the legislature didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on that.” He won’t say whether he’d sign or veto strict immigration legislation, but says he would rather it not end up on his desk in the first place.

Walker continues to point to his five-point plan: job creation, workforce development, reforming education, reforming government, and investing in the infrastructure.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:28

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