February 12, 2016

Greg Jennings responds to Marshall’s comments

Green Bay Packer wide receiver Greg Jennings responded to Brandon

Aaron Rodgers talks shop with Greg Jennings

Marshall’s controversial comments Thursday,  joking around with the media.

AUDIO: Jennings jokingly responds to Marshall :18

Jennings, who looks to start in only his fourth game of the season due to injury, weighed in with his two cents on Marshall’s comments.

AUDIO: Jennings on reason for Marshall antics :22

Earlier in the week during a press conference, Chicago Bear wide receiver Brandon Marshall brought a Charlie Brown-like Christmas tree to the podium, comparing the Bears team to the tree.  The idea was that no matter how things look, there is hope for the team.

Marshall then went on to call this week 15 match up, “…the biggest game of my career.”  He also challenged Green Bay to leave him one-on-one in coverage, a tactic Greg Jennings calls “smart.”

While Marshall looks to “impose his will,” on Sunday’s game, the Packers will press for a win in order to clinch the NFC North.

The NFC North and a precious playoff spot is on the line this Sunday as the Packers take on the Bears at Solider Field.

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