February 7, 2016

Homicide trial underway in Fond du Lac

Bullet wounds and the crime scene were the focus of some of the testimony in the third day of the Jason Anderson murder trial in Fond du Lac County court Wednesday. County Medical Examiner Douglas Kelley testified about the fatal head wound Nicole Anderson suffered in November of last year. Jason Anderson claimed the gun he picked up while investigating a noise that night accidentally went off when he bumped into some furniture.

District Attorney Dan Kaminsky and defense attorney Robin Shellow questioned Kelley about the position of Nicole Anderson on the bed and whether he would be able to say definitely where the bullet was fired from. Kelley said he could not.

Fond du Lac Police Detective Lee Mikulec also testified about the evidence at the scene. Mikulec told Kaminsky Nicole Anderson’s body was still at the scene when he arrived. Mikulec said none of the police officials on the scene or the paramedics that were called to the home moved her body. Mikulec also testified about evidence he found at the scene including a spent .45-caliber shell casing, some live rounds that were found in the bedroom and hundreds of rounds of similar ammunition found in boxes. The trial continues on Thursday.

Bob Nelson, KFIZ

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