February 12, 2016

Jury in murder trial deliberates

Jurors in a Fond du Lac County murder trial begin deliberations today. Jury instructions and closing arguments in the Jason Anderson trial took up most of the day Friday. District Attorney Dan Kaminsky had the final say in closing arguments telling the jury, “We’re never going to know the full truth of what happened because Jason Anderson lied to police.”

Kaminsky told jurors Anderson’s lawyer Robin Shellow had portrayed him and police as the bad guys, but it was Anderson’s actions that were suspect.

AUDIO: Kaminsky in closing arguments (:17)

Anderson told police detectives that he didn’t intentionally shoot his wife Nicole that it was an accident. Kaminsky questioned if he loved her as much as he said he did or it was an accident why did he leave her for dead?

The jury consists of eight men and four women. They had a chance to deliberate for about an hour and a half before breaking Friday for the weekend.

Bob Nelson-KFIZ

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