February 8, 2016

Property tax levies see mild increase

Property tax bills are already showing up in mail boxes across the state, and most Wisconsinites will notice just a slight increase in local levies this year. A report from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says levies statewide are up an average of 0.7 percent.

The increase is slightly higher than the 0.2 percent increase last year, says WISTAX researcher Dale Knapp. However, he says it’s still significantly lower than the three to five percent average most property owners saw over the last decade. Knapp says levy increase limits that were tightened in the last state budget have helped to keep them down over the past two years.

AUDIO: Dale Knapp, WISTAX (:12)

Knapp says the average school district raised its levy by 0.2 percent, while counties were up by 0.7 percent. Municipalities increased their levies an average of about one percent.

Mike Kemmeter, WHBY

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