February 13, 2016

Ribble: House told to expect long work week

Negotiations between President Obama and House speaker John Boehner over avoiding the fiscal cliff are intensifying, but a Wisconsin congressman is frustrated by the lack of information. “All of the conversations now are taking place now just between the two,” said Eighth district congressman Reid Ribble. “The House of Representatives and the Senate bodies are not being brought up to speed on what the actual negotiations are. So we’re kind of working in the dark here, constituents are saying “what’s going on here? What’s going to happen?” Well, the real answer is “I don’t know,” because we’re not being told.”

The Republican from Sherwood, who was elected to his second term last month, said congressmen are being told to prepare for a long week, when they return to session next week. “We were told by the majority leader that when we go back in session on Monday, that we’re going to stay in session until this resolved, and he did tell us to plan on being at work next Saturday and Sunday,” Ribble said. “So they’re anticipating this, obviously, increasing in intensity next week. And hopefully it’s a sign that good things are coming.”

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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