February 9, 2016

Torture death suspect in Dane Co. Jail

A man accused in the horrific torture and murder of his developmentally disabled brother is now jailed in Wisconsin, after being extradited from Washington state. Jeffrey J. Vogelsberg was brought from Pierce County Washington, back to Dane County, where he will now face charges in the homicide of Matthew J. Graville. Dane County detectives traveled to Washington and took custody of Vogelsberg, who was booked into the Dane County Jail in Madison late Friday night.

Vogelsberg, age 27, was arrested by Dane County Sheriff’s detectives in Lewis, Washington on November 5th. He attempted to fight extradition back to Wisconsin, but ultimately Washington Governor Christine Gregoire granted a request from Governor Scott Walker to complete the extradition.

Vogelsberg is being charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide for the killing of Matthew, his half-brother. He is also facing a felony charge of Hiding a Corpse. His first court appearance is expected on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Investigators say Matthew Graville, who was 27, was beaten and shot at with a pellet gun by his half-brother. And, on the night before Matthew’s death, he was waterboarded. Graville, who had Asperger’s Syndrome and shared a Mazomanie home with his half-brother, was killed July 1st. His body was put in a freezer for a few days, and then buried on public land near Lone Rock, where it was found in early November.

Two other defendants have been charged in connection with the case. Robert McCumber, 28, was charged with hiding a corpse. He told investigators that he found Graville dead on July 1, and acting on Vogelsberg’s instructions, put the body in the freezer. The two men buried Graville four days later. Gravilles’s step-mother, 46 year-old Laura Robar, was charged with two counts of identity theft. She allegedly used Graville’s Quest card after she knew he was dead.

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