February 14, 2016

Wisconsinites remember Connecticut victims

As residents of Newtown, Connecticut gathered Sunday night to remember the children and adults lost in last Friday’s shooting spree at their elementary school so did a number of Wisconsinites.

Around 150 people gathered at Monument Square, in downtown Racine. Pastor Michael Miller, of Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church said the massacre is another challenge to the efforts of many to promote peace in our society.

AUDIO: Pastor Miller (:22)

One young man had just a few words, but they carried a strong message: “I’m just a kid and I don’t know too much about this stuff. But I know we can do something about this.”

Many of the same participants in last night’s Racine candlelight vigil will gather in a few days to remember another victim of a violent death, a local man, found shot just a few blocks from the police station.

Other weekend vigils in Wisconsin included Sikh worshippers–who dealt with their own massacre last august in Oak Creek–gathering to remember those in Connecticut.

Tom Karkow-WRJN contributed to this report

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