February 5, 2016

Continuing a call to reach a debt deal

It’s time for Washington to reach a deal on the debt and deficit. That’s the message of a non-partisan group that is trying to convince D.C. policy makers to make tough fiscal choices. 

Former Governor Tony Earl, a Democrat and co-chair of the Campaign to Fix the Debt – Wisconsin, says people are fed up with both sides in this debate. “There are no political gains to be had by maintaining positions both parties have stuck to for the last several months,” says Earl.

Co-chair Scott Klug, a former Republican Congressman, calls it “interesting political dynamics” with Republicans not wanting wealthy Americans to see tax increases while Democrats were “horrified” at the thought of increasing the age eligibility in entitlement programs.

Earl says the findings of the Simpson/Bowles Commission should be the starting point of the discussion. In 2010, the panel outlined recommendations for simplifying the tax code and reforming entitlement programs.

Launched in October, Wisconsin was only the second state chapter of a nationwide campaign. Now there are 23 state chapters around the U.S.

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