February 9, 2016

DPW charts strategy for 2014

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is gearing up for next year’s elections. DPW chairman Mike Tate announced this week that the party that they’ll raise and spend $500,000 to hire regional political directors in Green Bay, Eau Claire and La Crosse as part of a “72 county strategy.”

“The 2010 election was not lost because we didn’t turn out votes in Milwaukee and Madison,” said Tate. “What we need to do is make sure that we can compete outside of those population centers.”

Tate said they want to defeat Governor Scott Walker in 2014 – although there’s no candidate yet. “Absolutely a good candidate for governor is something that’s a key part of the recipe here,” said Tate. “What I’m confident in is that we are going to field a good candidate, and I think that we will have a pretty good idea towards the end of this year as to who it is.”

In addition to defeating the governor, Democrats have a goal of regaining control of both chambers of the legislature.



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