February 12, 2016

Flu shot safe for pregnant women

There used to be some fear that it’s harmful for pregnant women to receive the flu shot but a recent major study reinforces the safety of pregnant women getting flu vaccinations. Dr. Sanford Carimi of Meriter Medical Group adds there is “a clear-cut guideline that is recommended by just about every advisory board I can think that says ‘yes pregnant women should be vaccinated for the flu.”

Carimi also says research shows that women who got the flu while pregnant had miscarriages at the twice the rate of those women did not get sick.

For persons, pregnant or otherwise, who’ve already contracted the flu this season, Dr. Carimi recommends they still get a flu shot if they haven’t received one. He says the vaccination will protect against other strains of the virus which the person has not yet contracted.

State health officials say the flu season is on track to the be worst in years.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:04)

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