February 6, 2016

Forest County youth arrested over YouTube video

Forest County officials say they have a juvenile in custody after he posted a threatening video to YouTube.

Sheriff John Dennee said in a statement that the video showed scenes of students getting shot while using Crandon School as a backdrop. Numerous people reported the video to the department, prompting officers to come out with a search warrant to examine the juvenile’s home. The search produced no weapons or additional evidence.

Deputies and school officials did an examination of the school over the weekend and did not find any evidence of a planned attack. Sheriff Dennee says they believe the video was just a hoax.

Dennee said “Our investigation indicates that while the video was made in very poor judgment, there appears to be no indication of danger to the students, school personnel or general public.”

The suspect is being held in custody and was expected to make an initial appearance in court on Monday. Since the suspect is a juvenile, no other information has been released.

Raymond Neupert, WSAU

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