February 7, 2016

Former Walker aide gets two years in prison

A judge said a former Walker aide showed no regret, remorse, repentance, or even shame for being caught embezzling $21,000 from a charity. Milwaukee County Circuit Judge David Hansher sentenced Timothy Russell to two years in prison Tuesday for stealing money that was intended for Wisconsin veterans.

The 49-year-old Russell served as Governor Scott Walker’s chief-of-staff when Walker was the Milwaukee County executive. He was appointed to head up an annual fundraising picnic for veterans at the County Zoo, and was accused of taking money from the group.

Russell apologized for his behavior, but Judge Hansher said he found the apology insincere.

Russell pleaded guilty in November to an embezzlement charge, and three other counts were dropped in a plea bargain. He was the fifth Walker aide or associate to be convicted in a long-running John Doe probe into Walker’s former Milwaukee County assistants. Walker has not been accused of any wrongdoing as part of the investigation.

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