February 11, 2016

Gay marriage opponent welcomes Supreme Court review

The future of Wisconsin’s ban on gay marriage could be determined this year, with the US Supreme Court justices set to take up same-sex marriage cases. Those include a case regarding a ban in California, which could either uphold or overturn similar measures in states like Wisconsin.

Julaine Appling is executive director of the Wisconsin Family Council, which lobbied heavily for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage here in 2006. She says it’s time for the nation’s highest court to review the issue, and she trusts they will look at it from a prudent and rule of law point of view.

AUDIO: Julaine Appling, WFC (:18)

Appling admits she’s cautiously optimistic, given the make-up of the high court, that there will be a ruling allowing gay marriage bans in Wisconsin and other states to stay in place.

John Colbert, WIBA

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