February 7, 2016

Hunter gets trophy rack back

More than two months after he shot a trophy deer, a Menasha man has both halves of the buck’s rack back.

Kelly Sokel went to a Menasha bar in November after he shot an eight-pointer during the gun hunting season. DNR warden Ryan Propson says he apparently got into an argument with two women at the bar, who then tried to get back at him by going outside and dragging the deer out of his truck. The women then ran the buck over with their car, breaking the rack in half.

Propson says the women then drove away, but realized the animal was caught under their car after going just a few blocks. He says they called a friend to help them move it, and the three decided to throw the carcass in the Fox River.

AUDIO: DNR warden Ryan Proposon (:21)

The DNR fined 35-year-old Cristi Sturgis and Stacy Gengler $2,100 each for larceny of wild game. 27-year-old Matthew Long was fined $260 for helping them dump the deer.

Propson says he received a call last week after someone saw a washed up deer along the shoreline of the river. While the meat from the 165 pound deer was a waste, Sokel was able to recover the half of the rack that was still attached. He had kept the other half that had been left behind in the parking lot.

Mike Kemmeter, WHBY

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